Teufelberger shaoLINE Throw Line

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The arborists throw line shaoLINE consists of a cover made of Dyneema® and polyethylene monofilament and a polyethylene core. The PE monofilaments make this throwline more abrasion resistant and prevent the cover from getting roughened up. This way, the line maintains the required strength. Thanks to the polyethylene in its core, this line is not susceptible to forming knots or kinks. The core at the end of the rope can be removed to allow the line to tear and the throwbag to come loose. This makes shaoLINE the perfect throwline providing high levels of efficiency and safety to climbers.Technical specifications ans characteristics:- core: PE monofilament- cover: PE monofilament and Dyneema, mixed- Ø 2,2 mm- MBL: 2 kN (~ 200 kg)- color: white / orange / yellow- weight: 2,4 g/m- 60 m ~ 144 g


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