ART RopeGuide Twinline Cambium Saver

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The new Ropeguide twinline. A real multi-talent with two possible applications. The cambium-saver can be used in a short application with the SpliceAnchor (available in three lengths: 125, 250 and 450 cm) or in a long application with every EN 1891 certified rope between 10,5 and 11 mm diameter. The real innovation is the ability of the long version to get installled from the ground. So you can install a cambiumsaver for a moving rope system and an ascending line in one step.For the case of emergency, the ascending line can be used by the rescuer at any time. The RopeGuide Twinline got several certifications:- EN 795 B- CEN/TS 16415:2013 (can be used by two persons at the same time)- EN 12841:2006 Specifications:- mobile anchor – integrated ZipAbsorber (shock absorber) – body and parts are made of aluminium machined in the solid – super smooth rope feed thanks to Cocoon – adjustable length – Trapeze 4 shackle, cocoon 5 and Ally pulley included- automatic blocking of the adjustment unit without loss of distance – easy lifting and shifting of the adjustment device even after heavy load – easy lifting of the climbing / ascent rope – minimum breaking strength: 18 kN – max. service life: 10 years for all metal parts and 5 years for all textile parts – weight:525 g (with ally: 585 g)


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