Greenmax AquaMax Irrigation System

Direct irrigations of the root system to stimulate and preserve the vitality and growth of trees.

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Many (young) trees, shrubs and hedges in urban environments are plagued by drought. This is usually caused by a disturbed soil structure and/or the fact that rainwater hardly penetrates the soil. This drought causes young trees to root poorly or to come under stress, resulting in reduced vitality that makes them susceptible to disease, plagues and dying back.

The AquaMax irrigation system is a highly effective and easy to install system for the convenient irrigation of trees in public spaces. AquaMax can be applied both for trees in planting sections and for trees planted in paving. All AquaMax irrigation hoses and tubes are made from PP and are standard provided with a polyester filtering cloth (woven sleeve) that allows an even infiltration of water.

This extra perforation now makes it possible to use polyester filtering cloth with a very long life, that far exceeds the 5- to 10- year lifespan of coconut fibre.

AquaMax irrigation is available in various sets and diameters to suit your particular irrigation requirements.

AquaMax has extra slits and therefore produces better aeration.


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