SandwichPanel 74 – Pressure Distributing Drainage Plate

SandwichPanel 74 is the new improved version on previous sandwich-systems: “the lowest installation depth on the market, with a high load capacity”.


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Principle of the Sandwich Construction
The sandwich construction replaces the foundation layer, creating a thinner base course and increasing the available tree root space. The panels carry and distribute the load pressure in combination with geotextiles. SandwichPanel 74 is specially developed for situations where the traffic loads cannot fully be handled by tree substrates and to prevent local rutting. The open structure creates a second surface preventing tree roots causing damage to the paving or path.

SandwichPanel 74 is placed on a layer of tree soil, or structural soil, underneath the pavement surfacing. The system can be used in areas with existing or newly planted trees. SandwichPanel 74 is also a good alternative when it is not possible to use other subsurface structures or in areas with a high groundwater level. We advise that the system should not be used within 2 metres of the tree without additional measures.

Product specifications
– infiltration plate for horizontal and vertical infiltration and drainage
– three-dimensional infiltration and tree root space
– infiltration speed: 189 litres per min/meter
– loading capacity: approx. 74 tons/m2
– material: recycled PP, reinforced for high pressure, 100% recyclable
– panel sizes (8 units): 1040 x 960 x 52 mm, with click system on all sides to create large surface areas
– nominal weight: 4.58 kg/m2

– long lifespan
– large openings
– tested both in laboratories and onsite.
– easy to cut to size without loss of essential loading capacity
– low installation depth
– with new trees: more tree substrate per m2
– with existing trees: less material waste and less damage to the tree roots

“Suitable for heavy traffic loads and for gravel pathways”


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