Ropelight Cables

4.60 incl. VAT

Choose between:
– IP67, 230V Kabeļa krāsa – balta /  IP67, 230V Colour of cabel white
– IP67, 230V Kabeļa krāsa – melna / P67, 230V Colour of cabel black
– IP44, 230V Kabeļa krāsa – balta /  IP44, 230V  Colour of cabel white
– IP44, 230V Kabeļa krāsa – melna /  IP44, 230V Colour of cabel black
– IP44, 30V Kabeļa krāsa – balta /  IP44, 30V  Colour of cabel white
– IP44, 30V Kabeļa krāsa – melna /  IP44, 30V  Colour of cabel black


30cm ropelight cable


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