Silky Gomtaro 300-8

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Hand Saw | Blade Length 30 cm | Straight | Teeth coarse 8/30 mm

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The universal genius among arborist saws. Great performance, durability and excellent handling features. The slim tip allows for clean cuts even in narrow forks. The Gomtaro is also available with fine teeth blade for hard wood. Comes with a scabbard.


Silky saws are manufactured by the Um Kogyo Inc. in Ono, Japan, since 1919. One of the most famous forge sites in the world, when it comes to knife steel, have created the finest and strongest saws and tools for wood cutting for about 100 years. Silky combines steel quality, craftsmanship and cutting force with functional design and an unmatched innovative spirit.

1970 was the year in which a new production technology revolutionized the traditional manufacturing processes. Automatic setting machines can now produce a higher number of pieces with more accuracy. Silky saws were the first brand that was manufactured this way. In addition Silky invested a lot of energy and experience into the development of this new production technology.

In 1985 Silky released the Gomtaro and the Gomboy, the first saws to feature rubber-padded handles. This innovation was honoured with several awards. Everybody who works with these saws notices the handling advantages. The Gomboy sets new standards for folding saws worldwide. Since then, Silky sets the standard for excellent craftmanship and quality, when it comes to saws.